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Purim Night for Women & Girls (2/28/2018)
Kumzits and Dancing on Purim night, Wednesday night, Feb 28!
Thank you for coming and making our Purim night such a beautiful, connected, uplifting experience for women and girls!
#nechamamusictristatetour (6/2016)
Thank you so much to all of you who came out to my shows in Brooklyn, Passaic, Monsey, Baltimore and Lakewood! It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and connecting through music <3 I love you all and hope to see you again soon!
Live In Jerusalem! (11/29/15)
Bnos Sararararara!!!!! And all you other sems and residents of Yerushalayim, I had such a great time with you! Your enthusiasm was contagious <3 It was lovely meeting you!
Country Vues Women's Concert Series! (7/29/15)
Incredible show with Leah Forster and Miriam Israeli! Thank you for coming out to join us :)
Marchelle's Bat Mitzvah! (3/15/15)
It was a pleasure singing at my cousin Marcelle Shwekey's Bat Mitzvah :) Mazal tov!



Lag Baomer Event! (5/6/15)
What a beautiful Lag Baomer kumzits, with the fire and inspiration. Thank you for coming out, singing with me, and making it a great night! <3



JFS Shabbaton! (2/28/15)
What a fun night that was! Singing with all you special girls from JFS. Thank you so much for all your support and enthusiam :) Love you.



Cincinnati CONCERT! (12/28/14)
Esther Wilheim's Bas Mitzvah!



I had the most incredible time visiting and performing with Shaindel Antelis in Mexico City :))) This was definitely a highlight!




Come sing with me in my home this Saturday Night, October 25th!

9pm, $10, 1120 Somerset Ave. RSVP only:



Cafe Neve Talent Show (03/2014)


I had such an amazing time singing in front of all my friends. You're the best!



LAKEWOOD Fundraiser for a family in need (02/2014)


This Motzei Shabbos, February 15, 8:45 PM at the Saffren Home in Lakewood, 1591 North Lake Drive. Miniumum Donation $10. Would love to see you if you can make it!



Cafe Neve (11/22/13)


Neve Yerushalyaim Talent Show accompanied by the lovely and talented Melissa Dagan!




Neve Yerusahalayim Chaunukah Chagiga(12/22/13)


It was so nice performing for all the seminaries and the Har Nof community! Thanks for being so enthuastic :) It was great meeting all of you!




Emet Shabbaton (8/24/13)


It was such a beautiful shabbos with such special people! I had a great time doing a motzei shabbos kumzits with the girls of Emet :)  What an amazing organization.



Sukkos Show with KINERET & LEAH FORSTER (9/22/13)


I can't believe I got to perform in front of 1,500 people! Thanks to all my friends and fans who came out to see me :) I love you!





Camp Chaviva (8/13/13)


Kumzits Night in Camp Chaviva!



Heartbeat Album Release Party (8/4/13)


Thank you so much to all my family and friends who came to support me and share in my album release :)



Adele Shwekey's Bat Mitzvah (6/16/13)


Happy Birthday Adele! We love you! 

Ladies Got Talent 2013 (3/10/13)


I had the opportunity to perfom in the Ladies Got Talent Show in Washington

Heights, NY. Thanks to all of you who came to support me!!! :)

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